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The Somercotes Guisers - Update
by Parish Council on Monday 30 January 2012

In the last issue of the newsletter we asked if anyone remembered the Somercotes Guisers.

Our thanks to Mrs Waring, Mrs Jean Armstrong, Mr Ron Waller, and Parish Councillor Alan Stringer, who all contacted us with their memories.

Mrs Jean Armstrong remembers her brother, Len Waller, being in the Guisers in the 1930’s.  Alan Stringer’s brother, Des, was also one of the original members, and Alan told us that there were a few “incarnations” of the Guisers – they would disband, then others would start up later, and his brother, Charlie was one of the later Guisers.   Alan was also able to recite from memory most of the words of the play they would perform, as found on the internet.  The characters included William the Great, St. George, Bull Slasher/Jack, Doctor and Beelzebub.

Mrs Waring told us her brothers, Norman and Alan Kerry, were both members of the Guisers in the 1940’s, along with Eric Barker, Tony Hunt, Charlie Stringer and Alan Cockayne.   She remembers that the Guisers would “black-up” using soot from the chimney, dress up and go around pubs performing, or into people’s homes.   She said they were very popular and people would put money into a cap. 

Ron Waller also remembers the Guisers going into the public houses, and said they would be invited into people’s homes to perform.  Though only a child at the time, he remembers people putting money into a tin.  He remembers seeing a performance at The Seven Stars at Riddings.  

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