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Somercotes Winding Wheel Native Wildflower Meadow
by Parish Council on Tuesday 24 April 2012

Somercotes Parish Council has commissioned Groundwork Derby & Derbyshire to create an urban wildflower meadow around the Winding Wheel.

To make it successful is not an easy task. Wildflowers grow best on poor soil with little competition. So before we can sow the wildflowers we need to work on the existing grass area, to remove the tough weeds like dandelion and dock by spraying with a selective weed killer. Then break up the existing amenity grass and seed rich top soil so that any competing grass and weeds are buried.

All of this work will be carried out during summer and early autumn, during which the area around the Winding Wheel will not look great. 

The wildflower seeds will be planted in late autumn ready for next year.

Starting from early summer 2013 there will be a riot of colour as the meadow is filled with flowers. We will plant a mixture of annuals, like poppies and cornflowers, and perennials, such as ox-eye daisies and buttercups, which will give a long flowering period and require little maintenance.

Please be patient, making sure the wildflower meadow is correctly established will result in a fabulous display year after year. It will provide a haven for butterflies, bees and other insects. But to get there will take quite a bit of work and the green space will not look great in the meantime.

Here is an impression of how it will look.

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