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Parish Council Oppose Boundary Changes
by Parish Council on Thursday 31 May 2012

In a recent review of County Council boundaries, Derbyshire County Council has recommended changing the existing boundaries so that Somercotes & Alfreton would become one county council ward and Swanwick, Pye Bridge, Riddings & Ironville in another ward.

The current situation has Somercotes, Pye Bridge, Leabrooks, Riddings & Ironville in one ward and Alfreton & Swanwick in another.

The Boundary Commission has proposed a third alternative of combining the area into a single ward and having two county councillors to cover the ward.

Somercotes Parish Council has strongly objected to the County Council proposal as they believe this will isolate the community of Pye Bridge, Pye Bridge comes under Somercotes Parish Council however under the proposals would have a different County Councillor to Somercotes. The council also believes that if they were combined with Alfreton there is a significant risk that any County Councillor elected would be focused on Alfreton and Somercotes could be poorly represented.

The council has asked that the current wards remain in place and suggest this is far preferable to the Boundary Commission proposal of one large ward however the council also accepts that the Boundary Commission proposal is preferable to the County Council proposal.

Any residents or organisations are welcome to make their own comments and recommendations to the Boundary Commission and that can be done on their web site.

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