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Somercotes Parish Council
has been awarded
Quality Parish Council status

Parish Council Annual Report 2011-12
by on Monday 3 September 2012



Councillors: Cllr P Smith (Chairman); Cllr B Lyttle (V. Chairman); Cllr M Barron; Cllr P Curran-Bilbie; Cllr J Gardiner; Cllr Mrs B Hannant; Cllr C Langton; Cllr J McCabe; Cllr J T Marriott; Cllr Mrs E Pace; Cllr P Price; Cllr A Stringer; Cllr S Walker.

Contacting Councillors: All Councillors can be contacted through the Parish Council Office: 01773 603810,  by e-mail to or by writing to The Parish Council, The Parish Hall, Nottingham Road, Somercotes, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 4LY

Income /Expenditure 2011-12 and Precept 2012/13 – 137,

The Chairman, at the Annual Parish meeting stated that the Annual Audit had been completed and was open for public inspection by application to the Clerk. The Receipts and Payments can be viewed on the Council website. The Council has increased its precept so it is able to maintain its current level of services and deal with ever increasing demands for service, as well as taking on greater local responsibilities.

Parish Council Expenditure 2011-12

Admin: £10,177
Parish Hall: £12,130
Lighting: £9,551
Allotments: £3,450
Salaries: £65,523
Highways: £17,910
S137: £6,240
Misc: £14,095
Total Expenditure:  £139,076
Precept: £133,744

Chairman’s Report

The Parish Council is taking on an increased number of services from the Borough Council and this has meant that the precept for Somercotes was increased by 3% to £137,766.00.

The Council has allocated £10,000 on Community Projects & £5,000 for Road Safety Projects, in the 2011-12 budgets, therefore the actual available funding at 31st March 2012 was £34,373.00.  The Council is advised to maintain a reserve of £35,000 based on the current precept level.

Parish Council Matters

Car Parks:  The Parish Council will be responsible for Market Place & Mill Yard Car Parks from June 2012, so the Council can maintain free parking and protect local business by encouraging residents to shop locally.

Public Toilets:  The Market Place toilets have been closed and will be demolished in the next couple of months.  The loss of the toilets is another disappointing outcome of spending cuts by Amber Valley Borough Council.  The Parish Council felt that it was not financially viable to take over the operation of the toilets. 

Proposed New Electoral Divisions:  The Local Government Boundary Commission has made recommendations for new electoral arrangements for Derbyshire County Council.  The proposal for Somercotes is that the parish areas of Somercotes & Leabrooks will be amalgamated with Alfreton, while Pye Bridge will be amalgamated with Riddings, Ironville & Swanwick.  The Parish Council is opposed to the changes.  Draft recommendations can be viewed on-line at  The public can make their views known by writing to The Review Officer (Derbyshire) Local Government Boundary Commission for England, Layden House, 76-86 Turnmill Street, London EC1M 5LG or by e-mail to

Strategic Housing Development for Amber Valley:  The Borough Council has identified a number of possible sites for housing development within the borough and this includes sites in Somercotes that could see 500+ houses built mainly on ‘greenfield’ sites.  Alfreton & Swanwick have seen similar proposals that have been opposed by locally formed groups.  The parish council understands the need for housing developments, but will make constructive proposals and/or objections on any areas in Somercotes where outline planning permission is applied for by developers. 

Although the old Viyella site is a ‘brown-field’ site the Parish Council has proposed that this is developed as a recreational site for a cinema, bowling alley etc., as opposed to housing, as the area is lacking in good recreational facilities. 

Incineration Plant at Pye Bridge:  This has caused serious local concerns from those living in the parish and adjoining parishes about the building of an incineration plant at Pye Bridge which could emit dangerous particles, as a by-product, through the filtration system.

Open Casting at Pinxton – Outline Planning Application:  Outline planning permission has been applied for ‘open cast mining’ at Pinxton that will extend to Lower Birchwood.  The Parish Council has requested assessments on noise, dust migration and the effects on wildlife.  The proposals will be carefully monitored by the Parish Council.

Pennytown Ponds:  Pennytown Ponds has been granted ‘Green Flag’ status and personal thanks go to all those on the Pennytown Ponds Friends Group, Local Councillors, Groundwork Derby & Derbyshire, and all those who have assisted in making the ‘Green Flag’ status possible.  The Parish Council will continue to support, whenever possible, the development and work at Pennytown Ponds. 

Christmas Lighting & Floral Displays:  The Parish Council is continuing with the Christmas Lighting and Floral Displays that have been subject to strict application and procedures by Derbyshire County Council.  The Parish Wardens will be maintaining the flower bed in front of the Parish Hall and at the Winding Wheel.

Wild Flower Areas: The Parish Council has commissioned Groundwork Derby & Derbyshire to prepare the ground on either side of the Winding Wheel, on Nottingham Road, to produce wild flower areas to attract butterflies, bees and insects.  The development and planting work will take a few months and although it will look unproductive when the weeds are sprayed and then the earth turned, the outcome next summer will be a riot of colour produced y the wild flowers.  The Winding Wheel will be painted and considerations Is being given to lighting the area with solar powered lighting.

Parish Wardens:  The two Parish Wardens have been busy keeping the streets and local areas clean and tidy.  Additional work undertaken by the Wardens is a monthly clearing of the footpaths through Sleetmoor Woods on behalf of Derbyshire County Council and around the Winding Wheel for the Parish Council.  The Wardens continue to man the monthly skips provided on the first Saturday of each month for residents of the Parish.  The provision of monthly skips will continue through 2012-13.

Parish Hall:  The Parish Hall continues to be a valuable asset for the community and the Parish Council is undertaking work to keep the premises up to the required standards.  The current programme includes internal & external re-decoration, installing a deaf loop system, and consideration is being given to external UPVc fascia and guttering and new front doors.  Two new gas boilers were installed last July as part of the on-going iprovements.  Small rises in hire charges will be introduced from July 2012, as there have been no increases since the Parish Council took over the premises in 1996. 

Recreation:  The Parish Council commissioned the installation of the Ziip-Wire and Outdoor Fitness Equipment on the recreation ground at a cost of £15.  The Council is financially supporting the development of a new synthetic surface on the old tennis courts, as parts of its commitment to improving local facilities. 

Parish Council Meetings:  Members of the public are invited to attend Parish Council Meetings held bi-monthly on the third Friday of the month. 

The next Parish Council Meeting is at 6.45pm, on Friday 18th May 2012, and will include the Annual Parish Council Meeting.

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