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Time Capsule buried for future residents of Somercotes
by Parish Council on Saturday 14 September 2013

The theme for the children of Somerlea Park Junior School during the Spring term was the History and Geography of the local area and its community past and present. 

The children from classes 1 and 2, year 3 and 4, were involved in a project which consisted of looking at and identifying why their village was of great importance to the industrial revolution.

The children were totally engaged with the historical aspect of Somercotes and the origins of its agricultural past, understanding the historical importance of our mining community, ironworks and brickworks industries, and also looking at the expansion of the village and the need for housing and schools in the 1800s to the new factories and industries that we know today.

The school invited Hazel Mors, retired teacher and a member of the Somercotes Historical Society, to give a talk in school and to take the children in small groups on a walk/talk around the village to help the children identify areas of historical interest.

During the last week of the term the children and teachers involved in this project, Miss Wileman and Miss Sharrocks, planned and executed the burial of a time capsule in the grounds of the school, each child choosing their own personal message and items to be buried and found by future generations.

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