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Parish Council raises concerns on Dog Fouling & Litter
by Parish Council on Friday 6 June 2014

The Parish Council has raised its concerns about litter and dog fouling in the Somercotes Parish. The Parish Council provide ‘FREE’ poop scoop bags that are readily available at the Village Hall, Ruby’s Shop and Somerlea Park Community Centre, so the public should make use of the poop scoop bags and clean up after their dogs. Dog fouling is becoming the scourge of some areas of the Parish and particularly in the park areas where people walk and young people play. Dog excrement can cause health problems particularly for children if rubbed in the eyes (can lead to blindness). 

The Parish Council made a ‘Freedom of Information’ request to Amber Valley Borough Council that revealed in the past three years there has only been 3 prosecutions for littering and 5 for dog fouling, with NONE in Somercotes. Prosecutions for littering & dog fouling prosecutions are the responsibility of the Borough Council and the Parish of Somercotes is their responsibility. The Parish Council feels the Parish of Somercotes is not being policed with regard to taking action against those who deposit litter and allow their dogs to foul our streets and parks.  

Members of the public are asked to report any depositing of litter or dog fouling to the Borough Council and provide statements so those persons responsible can be prosecuted. The offence of ‘Dog Fouling’ is liable to a £100 fine.

If your dog deposits excrement use a poop scoop bag or other plastic bag and ‘Pick it Up’ & use bins to deposit litter or take it home. Everyone has a responsibility to keep their community clean and tidy.

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