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Somercotes Parish Council
has been awarded
Quality Parish Council status

Large Scale Housing Development in Somercotes rejected by Planning Inspectorate
by Parish Council on Tuesday 17 June 2014

Amber Valley Borough Council has changed its housing strategy of no further development in Somercotes placed in their Housing Supply Strategy pursuing planning application between April 2014 and March 2019, on 3 sites off Birchwood Lane for the building of 500 houses. Representation was made from the Parish Council, Local Residents and DCC Local Member (Cllr Paul Smith) and the Planning Inspectorate reject the AVBC Core Strategy giving them 6 months to re-submit their 5 year plan. This does not mean that the planning issues will go away as developer now have an opportunity to seek planning applications on any land, including ‘Greenbelt’ as there is now no identified building land. It can be argued that the Parish of Somercotes has sufficient available land for its current needs and the Parish Council will  highlight this and support the communities views.

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