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Saving Their Bacon
by Jean Wearing on Friday 21 May 2010

This photograph was given to us by Mrs Jean Wearing, whose mother, aunt and cousin are all shown bottle feeding the pigs along with other volunteers, after the 2nd World War.

13 piglets were born to a sow belonging to Mr E J Burton of 14 Lower Somercotes. Four of the piglets died at birth, and when the sow died a week later, Mr Burton was prepared to write the remaining 9 off as a total loss, until his family and neighbours came to the rescue. Feeding squads were formed and the piglets were bottle fed every 3 hours on a mixture of milk, water and sugar. Rationing was still in place but a special ration of 3 gallons of milk daily and a quantity of sugar was granted by Alfreton Food Office. The piglets became so used to being bottle fed that when the volunteers entered the sty they would squeal and scrambled onto their laps and grab the bottle teats.

Thanks to Mrs Wearing for the photograph and story.

If anyone has memories or photographs of past local events they would like to share, please call in and see Glynis at the Hall any morning between 9 am and 12 noon.

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